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We Won !!

Thank you for checking out the website, the latest news and a quick update is that we won the 2022 election for Storey County Sheriff and the fact of the matter is that it would not have happened without all the support from all the fantastic people that joined in and worked very hard for this campaign.

I am now the Sheriff "elect" for Storey County Nevada.

I am so proud and thankfull to all the supporters and voters that made this happen. I will be taking office at the beginning of January 2023. 

Throughout the month of December I will post updates and information on social media and here on the website. 

Thank you 


Mike Cullen


Storey County Sheriff

Fit, Fair, Principled. 

Because Storey County deserves better.

My Top 6 Campaign Promises


Upholding the Constitution


Dedicated to keeping our schools safe by having one deputy assigned to the school district, immediately. 


Expanding and enhancing our volunteer programs and the creation of the citizens academy.


Absolutely no "big city" policing and NO heavy handed tactics. Period.


Effectively equip and train our Deputies to handle any situation they may come across.


Create a Resident Deputy program to lower response times to calls.

Image by Michael Rodock


Hi, my name is Mike Cullen and I am running for Sheriff because I have a deep love for our county, the Constitution and a desire to answer the call of service for our community. I grew up here in Northern Nevada and I love Storey County, the people and the history of the comstock. I have never aspired to be a politician of any sort. I did not take on this campaign lightly and I want you to know that I will work everyday to earn and maintain your trust and confidence and ensure that your Sheriffs Office is working to protect and serve you every single day on every single call.  

I spent over 31 years in law enforcement. Most of that time was spent at the Carson City Sheriff's Office. I started out as a reserve deputy and community policing officer then promoting up through the ranks to patrol and training officer and on to detective. In 2003 I was promoted to Patrol Sergeant where I had such duties as Traffic Sergeant and Tactics Commander and in 2017 I was promoted to Administrative Sergeant where I oversaw the motorcycle traffic unit, field training program, and supervision of patrol officers during special activities, among other duties. Over the years I was a supervisor of just about every unit within the Sheriffs Office, oversaw and coordinated the budgets for those units and created new units as dictated from the needs of the community.


I believe Storey County needs a change in leadership. No ego and no over zealous police tactics. I plan to provide our Deputies with the best possible training and education so they can answer your calls for service with confidence and skill at all times, for the betterment of our community, and I need your help. Will you support me in becoming your next Sheriff? 


Your trust and faith in me means the world.



Mike Cullen



I couldn't be more honored than to have recieved this endorsement. My sincerest "Thank You!" goes out to the men and women represented by the Public Safety Alliance of Nevada.


These endorsements do not come easily, having the trust and confidence from these groups of dedicated professionals is humbling and I will work to maintain theirs and your trust each and everyday without fail. PSAN is by far the largest alliance of law enforcement in the state of Nevada representing over 10,000 commissioned law enforcement officers. 

Screenshot_20220913-121759_2 (1).png



The Storey County Professional Firefighters Association was the first group to openly and unanimously endorse me as their choice for the next Storey County County Sheriff.


This group of dedicated men and women work tirelessly each and everyday to serve the community that we all call home. I have the utmost respect and trust for them and am honored that they feel the same about me.


By working together, I guarantee that we will always bring the best public safety service to our community.


The Peace Officers Research Association of Nevada (PORAN) maintains a presence at the Nevada Legislature and actively monitors legislation which affects the ability of law enforcement officers to protect the public and do their job.


PORAN also participates in legislation to increase training, professionalism, and effectiveness of law enforcement while seeking to improve the social and economic welfare of personnel and their families. PORAN has retained Ron Dreher as its Government Affairs Director and remains a 99% volunteer organization.


PORAN represents thirty-five professional peace officer associations statewide.

Screenshot_20220913-115820_2 (1).png


Supervisory Association

I was part of the Carson City Sheriffs Supervisory Association for many years and it is truly humbling to have their support during this campaign. I know they work very hard to represent their members in all sorts of professional endeavors. Thank You for your support and encouragement.


The emails and phone calls continue to roll in everyday and the questions regarding the campaign and future plans are fantastic and are helping with getting to know your specific concerns.


Your feedback and the interaction is really keeping us busy. Thank you !


Also, watch for the meet and greets coming up if you'd like to talk in person. Questions will be answered with no political double talk your concerns are important and will be addressed.


If you'd like to be part of the team give us a call.


We are a small community and it seems as though everyone is involved in the political arena in one way or another.


Voting and being involved is the best way to create change when needed.


Have your voice heard.   


Get involved.   


If you'd like to donate, we appreciate all of it.


Cash or Check is fine and Donations can be mailed to Mike Cullen For Sheriff PO BOX 106 Virginia City, NV 89440.


We have not set up a donation button on the internet (yet) but stay tuned as it's very likely.


The support here has been incredible and without all of you this wouldn't be possible.


Thank you for each and every donation. 

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