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I couldn't be more honored than to have recieved this endorsement. My sincerest "Thank You!" goes out to the men and women represented by the Public Safety Alliance of Nevada. These endorsements do not come easily, having the trust and confidence from these groups of dedicated professionals is humbling and I will work to maintain theirs and your trust each and everyday without fail. PSAN is by far the largest alliance of law enforcement in the state of Nevada representing over 10,000 commissioned law enforcement officers represented by the following organizations:

Carson City Deputy Sheriff's Association,

Carson City Sheriffs' Supervisory Association,

Douglas County Sheriff's Protective Association,

Las Vegas Peace Officers Association,

Las Vegas Peace Officer Supervisor Association,

Las Vegas Police Managers & Supervisors Association,

Las Vegas Police Protective Association,

North Las Vegas Police Officers Association,

North Las Vegas Police Supervisors Association,

Peace Officer Research Association of Nevada,

Police Officer's Association of Clark County School District,

Reno Police Protective Association,

Sparks Police Protective Association,

Washoe County School Police Association,

Washoe County Sheriff Deputies Association,

and the Washoe County Sheriff's Supervisory Deputies Association.

Their endorsement letter is below. 










April 21, 2022 

Mike Cullen PO Box 106  

Virginia City, NV 89440 

Dear Mr. Cullen,  

On behalf of the Public Safety Alliance of Nevada, representing nearly 100 law enforcement organizations and  nearly 10,000 officers throughout Nevada, we are pleased to announce our endorsement of your 2022 campaign  for Storey County Sheriff. 

This Alliance represents the men and women who serve and protect this great state. As you see by the groups  represented, this organization covers almost every peace officer in the State of Nevada. 

If we can be of any assistance in your campaign, feel free to contact us; furthermore, we respectfully ask that you use this endorsement in the positive spirit in which it is given, refraining from using or mentioning it in any negative or derogatory campaign piece. 

Best wishes for success in your campaign. 


Jason Lesher, President 

Washoe County Sheriff Deputies Association  

Northern PSAN Representative

Public Safety Alliance of Nevada.png




The Storey County Professional Firefighters Association was the first group to openly and unanimously endorse me as their choice for the next Storey County County Sheriff. This group of dedicated men and women work tirelessly each and everyday to serve the community that we all call home. I have the utmost respect and trust for them and am honored that they feel the same about me. By working together, I guarantee that we will always bring the best public safety service to our community. Check out the letter, below.






PO Box 12835 

Reno, Nevada 89510 



   Mr. Michael “Mike” Cullen 

   Candidate for Sheriff of Storey County 

   PO Box 106 

   Virginia City Nevada, 89440 


           Mr. Cullen, 

           Please let this serve as official notice from, Storey County Professional Firefighters  IAFF Local 4227, that you have                   received the unanimous endorsement for your candidacy as the next Sheriff of Storey County. Your exemplary                             documented service and accolades prove that you are not only fit but just to serve as the next Sheriff of Storey County.  

           We look forward to working with you and expanding on the professional service  provided to the citizens of Storey                       County. Our bilateral relation is nothing but a benefit  to the County and visitors we serve with Battle Born pride. We                   wish you luck in your mission. 

   With Respect, 

   Matt Dixon President  

   IAFF Local 4227


    Matt Dixon President, Chris Tillisch Vice President,  Jerry McCullough Secretary, Fritz Klingler Treasurer 

The Peace Officers Research Association of Nevada (PORAN) maintains a presence at the Nevada Legislature and actively monitors legislation which affects the ability of law enforcement officers to protect the public and do their job. PORAN also participates in legislation to increase training, professionalism, and effectiveness of law enforcement while seeking to improve the social and economic welfare of personnel and their families. PORAN has retained Ron Dreher as its Government Affairs Director and remains a 99% volunteer organization. PORAN represents thirty-five professional peace officer associations statewide.



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