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Frequently Asked Questions

As sheriff, what can you bring to the deputies and other county departments?
I will bring educational opportunities, funding programs and help to strengthen the deputy’s association as well as promote and grow our volunteer programs and help to provide support to other county departments so they can also grow their programs and meet their needs and goals.  I will bring grant funding to purchase equipment for investigations and provide necessary equipment to the deputy’s so they will have the right tools for the job.  I will work to promote an environment of positive economic growth for our businesses and tourism.

What can the citizens expect when you are elected Sheriff?
I will ensure that all investigations are done professionally and thorough.  I will ensure response times are cut down so when you call and need assistance we are there quickly and prepared to handle any situation.  I will have our officers and staff working directly with community members and using community-based programs that deal specifically with your issues.  I will bring the right help at the right time. You will have confidence that we will be there for you when you need us.

I’ve heard that you are you going to terminate all the deputies and bring in SWAT teams, is there any truth to that?
The answer is NO! NO! and NO!  This is not something I would ever even consider. First, I don’t have the authority to just come in and fire every deputy.  I honestly believe that our deputy’s in Storey County are some of the hardest working deputy's in the state.  I plan to improve the communication between the Sheriff’s Department and the citizens of county.  The SWAT issue was brought up when I ran 4 years ago and continues to be something the opponents are trying to use to discredit our campaign.  Seriously, this isn't even a consideration and never has been.

What is your stance on Gun Control?
I am pro Second Amendment and a gun owner myself.  I have no plans to take away any of your freedoms, especially when it comes to gun ownership.  We all live here for our freedoms, and I believe we all want those freedoms protected.  I believe in our rights that are written in the constitution, each and every one of them and I will always protect your rights.

What about the mental health program you've talked about.  How would that benefit the county?
I have worked closely with mental health care workers in the state and I think that working with a state funded program here in Storey County such as is done in many other jurisdictions would bring greatly needed help to many of our residents that are in need of these services.  We must provide help to those in need to improve their quality of life. There are folks out there that aren’t getting help and I believe it is our responsibility to provide them with genuine assistance.  It could be anything from an emergency life and death circumstance or just to have someone to talk to for a few minutes. I will partner with other organizations in the county and local jurisdictions to provide the best service possible.

What plans do you have concerning the Motorcycles, ATV’s and Off-Road Vehicles that are driving fast and leaving trash in the highlands and in town?

This is a real problem that I have dealt with in the past. I plan on getting grant funding, like I did in Carson City, to establish an off-road unit.  It will consist of officers and volunteers that will be assigned to patrol these areas that will have the goal to educate these riders.  Education is key. I will meet with off-road groups and property owners to help understand their concerns and address them from both sides. I love the great out-doors that Nevada has to offer and am an avid off-roader as well. I believe that education and creating partnerships is the best way to preserve everyones rights.

How are you going to address the growth of Storey County and the need of additional staffing when required?

Storey County is growing whether we like it or not.  The real solution is getting ahead of this situation.  I plan on rebuilding the volunteer programs, from Cadet’s, to reserve officer’s and senior volunteers.  I want to build on what we already have. Getting the community involved creating a solid citizens academy open to the public and better communication. I will always work to ensure we are staffed adequately during the day and night to ensure the safety of our community without relying on outside agencies to assist us. Recruitment and retention of Deputy’s is essential.  There is a substantial investment to the county when hiring and training personnel and I will ensure that those investments are protected with developing the best hiring and retention practices. I will strive to create an environment that all staff look forward to coming to work and want to stay working for this county.  

How do you plan on working with the District Attorneys office when it comes to prosecuting crimes?

I feel a fair and thorough investigation is the best way for the District Attorney to have the information needed to be prepared to follow through with proper prosecution.  I believe this responsibility falls on the Sheriff’s Department, specifically on the Sheriff.  I will ensure that all Deputy’s are prepared, trained in the proper way to conduct a fair and thorough investigation.  I will also work closely with the District Attorney and build a mutual respect that will assist in moving prosecutions along faster. Communication is key and I will always work to keep the communication lines open between the two offices.

Why should I cast my vote for you on June 14th in the Primary’s?

You can count on me to follow through on the statements and promises I am making during this campaign. I do not make these statements lightly. I will follow-through and I am committed to the citizens of Storey County. My 31-year record in law enforcement speaks for itself and has prepared me to be your next Sheriff of Storey County.  I will always strive to do what is best for Storey County.  I promise to provide the best possible communications with all the businesses and residents and a transparent Sheriffs Office.  

We all want a safe place to live and have fun. I live in Virginia City with no plans of ever leaving, and plan on making myself accessible for everyone all the time.  If you need me for any reason you can call my personal cell number at 775-230-8447. I will always be there for you.

Please come out and vote for me, Mike Cullen, on June 14th 

for Sheriff of Storey County!

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